What song is currently playing? Don’t want to open iTunes every time you want to check? ShowTunes lets you see what is happening in iTunes at any time, without having to open iTunes, simply move your mouse over the window in the corner of your screen. This program works well with HKTunes which can be found here.

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  • Shows the track name, artist, ablum, artwork, number, duration and current time of the song playing in iTunes.
  • Opens iTunes when the program starts. If you have HKTunes installed, ShowTunes will search for it and open it as well.
  • Shrinks so only song title is visible (and part of the artwork).
  • Works for podcasts as well.


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  1. Useful little app that allows you to see what song is playing without having to open the player. Only thing else that would be good is media controls, to play/pause or change songs. Oh and maybe some customization options

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